new column: what is cool? hint: it's not the edison bar

I shy away from using my column as a grinding stone for axes...pettiness isn't an attractive trait in a columnist, or anyone else for that matter. But every so often, something galls my gizzard enough to make me want to write about it. The trick is tying it into a bigger picture. In this case, a ridiculous incident at the Edison ties into the bigger picture of sexist double-standards in fashion:
The first time I was mortally offended while going out, I was 10 (give or take). It was an upscale restaurant in Old Montreal, an establishment called Chez Queue that is amazingly still there, and I had ordered a dessert of strawberries and vanilla ice cream. Only, I didn’t like vanilla at the time. So I asked for chocolate ice cream instead. The waiter pulled a face, a disgusted face, as if I had ordered the strawberries with relish and hot sauce or something equally weird. I was outraged. My parents were far from impressed, and we never went back. Oh, I look back and laugh now. But the incident, and the sheer absurd insult of it all, is the defining memory I have of that place. And that is pretty much how I feel about a recent experience at the Edison bar. Read the rest of What is Cool? Hint: It's not the Edison Bar.
As a postscript, it's worth mentioning that while wandering away from the Edison in search of drinks at a friendly venue, a fellow walking past me spontaneously complimented me on my sandals. Vindication!


Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, THAT'S why I always hated club culture. :)

What you describe is a particularly egregious case, to be sure.


Nick said...

We have the same problem here too. It's nothing new sorry to say. It's not the new 'standard' more likely has always been the standard. In a hot climate like Australia you'd think they'd be more flexible as well, but no. I stay way from clubs in general as I have no desire to go to them, call it getting old I guess. I rather a nice night out at a good restaurant if I want to get 'dressed' up.

Also if I wanted to gawk at (which I don't do) scantily clad women then I'll just go to the beach. It's simpler than a club and they're not normally drunk.

Nice gladiator style sandals by the way. Interesting name for the company, someone from NZ I assume?

Frederik Sisa said...

Well, that sort of attitude is not really the norm...clubs on Sunset Blvd are stuck up like that. But in general, things are a bit more laid-back. Oh well. There are plenty of other places to go to.

I don't know if Kiwi sandals has an NZ connection. Wouldn't surprise me. Or maybe the cobbler just like puffy flightless birds.