a few observations on the VP debate

  1. It was not a bloodbath.
  2. It was a battle of familiar talking points that could have been phoned in.
  3. Talking points simplify issues to the point of meaningless.
  4. Sarah Palin pronounces it "nukular."
  5. Biden broke hearts by being for civil unions but against gay marriage - like Palin.
  6. Biden debated well; personable, knowledgeable, sane.
  7. Palin held her own - style-wise. But how anybody can take seriously someone who calls for stricter economic oversight while later complaining that "government is the problem" is a mystery to me.
  8. Sarah Palin is of the Dick Cheney school of the Vice Presidency. Can I have more power, sir? Please, sir? More power?
  9. Joe Biden pronounces it "nuclear."
  10. As usual, the pundits win.


Nick said...

I haven't seen the debate and I'm not overly interested either. I've seen other websites state the Sarah Palin won the debate, which scares me. If that's the way the news and others are going to see the debate then we're in trouble.

Frederik Sisa said...

There are plenty of other sources that say Biden won. In the end, I don't think the debate accomplished very much, other than perhaps counteract the image of Palin as total bumbler. (The secret to success is low expectations, and the expectations couldn't have been any lower for Palin.) For everyone else, I suspect existing opinions were reinforced and that's about it.

What scares me is how "undecideds" can still not have enough information to make a decision...how much more do we need to know about McCain and Obama to pick a pony?