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frédérik sisa - the philosofez

A man walks into a bar and asks the bartender, “Are there any writers around here?” 

The bartender says, “Sure, all around you,” and the man notices the dozen or so people passed-out next to empty bottles. Then he notices a single man seated upright in a corner booth, scribbling on a pad of paper.

“What’s his story?” he asks.

The bartender replies, “Who? Frédérik Sisa? He’s a Buddhist Epicurean freethinker with gothic sensibilities. Or something like that.”

“But can he write?” asks the man.

“Pen or keyboard, just watch him go, go, go!” says the bartender. “Prose. Poetry. Business or art. Very eclectic.”

The man seems pleased, but puzzled. “So why is he the only one besides us still awake in this joint?”

“He’s still trying to figure out a punchline for this bartender joke.”

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