Southern Comforts: The Sun Never Sets on Love at the ICT : THE FRONT PAGE ONLINE

"How refreshing, then, to see playwright Kathleen Clarke upend conventional commercial wisdom with a piece of theatre that consists of nothing more than a set and two older people who unexpectedly find romance."

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Southern Comforts. Written by Kathleen Clarke. Directed by Jules Aaron. Starring Michael Learned and Granville Van Dusen. On stage at the International City Theatre in Long Beach, Thursday through Sunday, through April 10. Visit www.internationalcitytheatre.org for tickets and information.


Rango: High Plains Lizard : THE FRONT PAGE ONLINE

A chameleon with an identity crisis is just the sort of quirky, elevated premise that waits for a Hollywood studio to come around and take it down a few notches, preferably through the agency of a starry-eyed export from a sketch comedy show. Or, in the case of animation, by treading territory already covered by Saturday morning cartoons and artless gag factories. What a pleasant surprise to the pessimist, then, that Rango smartly lives up to its promise, offering up a light but effective existential Western populated by colourful, humanized critters voiced by top-notch, chameleon-worthy actors.