The Recreational Nihilist Comes to an End : THE FRONT PAGE ONLINE

This is my last column under The Recreational Nihilist banner:

In other news, The Ladder is still on hiatus while I work on other projects, but it will return sometime soon. And as soon as I can find the motivation and time, I will offer content beyond what I write elsewhere - in addition to The Ladder. In the meantime, this blog will continue to serve as a means of keeping you updated on my various writing endeavours. Thanks for reading.


film review: the losers

The Losers are Winners. Yes, they are.

Entertainment: ** (out of two)
Craft: ** (out of two)


‘The Wake’: Turbulence and Self-Reflection in a Stellar Kirk Douglas Production : THE FRONT PAGE ONLINE

The Wake is on stage at the Kirk Douglas Theatre until Sunday, April 18. See www.centertheatregroup.org to purchase tickets. It's long - it clocks in at 2 hours and 45 minutes - but never dull.