TFPO column: an under-reported death in the state of Califonia

Apparently, some fellow named Don Lemon criticized critics of all this Michael Jackson supersaturated coverage as being “elitist.” His reason? The supersaturated coverage of Princess Diana’s death supposedly didn’t receive the same level of criticism – how elitism explains the disparity is something that Mr. Lemon doesn’t get into detail about.

I can’t speak to the coverage of Princess Diana’s accident except to say that I was just as sick of it as I am of Jackson’s. In regards to the coverage of Jackson, however, I do think it plays exactly into the same sort of media-frenzy that surrounds the cultural obsession with celebrity – Princess Diana included. There’s something sinister about it all.

A tip of the hat to Jessica Gadsden and Adam Fox for their influence on this week's rant.

An Under-reported Death in the State of California

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