the ladder - secret hospital (part 4)

The Ladder – An experimental web-only fiction series that spans multiple story lines and characters…Tune in every Wednesday for a new installment.

Eyes only. Handle via CATA-9 channels only.

Wonderland – Red Cell 1
Dr. Harriman Seldon Poole
Patient code-named Red Queen
07/15/09 3:47 pm (continued)

Dr. P: (4 second delay) Thank you, Maram. I appreciate you saving my back. Would you care to try? (2 second delay). No? Yes? No? That’s all right. Perhaps next time. My first purpose in meeting with you today was to assure you that I’m not going to follow the usual script with the usual suspicions. Second, I want to clarify the way I see things, where I stand. (2 second delay). Those soldiers out there? There not bad people. But I’ll be the first to admit that they reinforce the very idea I’m here to rub away: that you are so unique that you have nothing in common with the rest of us. I’m here to tell you that whatever differences you have from us, and I understand these are significant physiological differences with unique psychological consequences, we share the same roots, the same planet, the same history.
RQ: Prick us, do we not bleed?
Dr. P: (5 second delay) Something along those lines. A quantitative difference, not a qualitative one despite what all the bad comic books and sci fi stories would have us believe. You are unique, yes, but just as human. I can assure you of that. But I’m getting too uptight, here. I don’t really want to start things off so formally. I just arrived. I wanted to introduce myself to you. Get some first impressions.
RQ: What a piece of work is a man.
Dr. P: Such stuff as dreams are made on. (3 second delay.) And on that note, I’m going to get settled into my new home, so to speak. I will see you again soon. (4 second delay.) It was a pleasure to meet you.

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