TFPO column: men should share the contraceptive burden

I don't have much by way of a preface for this week's column, other than to say that it is a rare response to another TFPO contributor. What can I say? The gentlemen asked for comments and ideas. Asking a bloviating columnist for an opinion is like asking a politician to kiss babies, only less sleazy. The title, I think, gives it away.

Men Should Share the Contraceptive Burden: A Reply to Mr. Hennessey

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Nick said...

I probably shouldn't have to say this but the idea of licensing is just crazy and an impossible task so I have no idea how Mr. Hennessey even think it’s plausible. The problem isn’t in the USA but in the whole world. The only way a licensing system would work is if you could medicinally neuter a human at birth to avoid them getting pregnant in the first place. It’s a neat idea, however I don’t think the technology exists and it violates so many of the things we see as being human, the most important being our freedom to choose.

As well we need to understand that ‘Western’ societal issues of children aren’t the same in other cultures. In other societies we still have large mortality rates among children to this day. In our Western society the idea of a child dying is considered outrageous, which is understandable.

Child obsession has grown in recent years in part due to the push in media to show off celebrities having children. Lots of people may think this is crazy but I have no doubt that our societal obsession with celebrities is one part of the equation. Of course there is the family pressure and just the natural instinct of humans to have children to pass on our genes. However there are those who simply don’t have a maternal instinct and should recognise it. I don’t agree with this idea that it’s different if it’s yours.

So what to do? I have to agree that proper sex education would prevent some of the issues. Ensuring that contraception is available to all and not feeling guilty about using it, what ever method. Having both parties in the creation of the child take responsibility, maybe mandatory DNA is used to avoid problems when the child is born.

The world is over populated; no doubt something will come along and reduce it at some point. Whether it is war, famine, or disease there will come a point where we won’t simply be able to survive unless something is done. Populating another planet is way off, this is all we have.