TFPO column: what do mike daisey, chef gordan ramsay, and the economy have in common?

In a free association worthy of Dr. Frankenstein's work, this week's column stems from the horror of watching Hell's Kitchen. Naturally, there's a parable for the economy at play. Although, you could probably watched a dump truck do it's round and find an equally valid analogy for Wall Street. In any case, the question of the week is...

What Do Mike Daisey, Chef Gordon Ramsay, and the Economy Have in Common?

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Nick said...

Interesting article as usual Frederik. Being a person who basicaly lothes reality TV I can understand you points completely. The whole premise is built on the idea of competition, even with losing weight, which I have a problem with. Let's not get into Big Brother either.
As for competition in an economy based on capitalism that's something that's been around for a long time. How one goes about breaking that idea of "The one with the most money wins" is anyone's guess. Co-operation is all well and good but to the capitalist, they don't see it as a reality. Just listen to your average CEO and one of the usual slogans that come out of their mouth is about "staying competitive". We have companies packing up here in Australia and moving to China for that reason. Do we need to change this idea, of course, will happen not likely.