film review: watchmen

The worse thing that could be said of a film is that's there is, in fact, nothing to say about it. Even a bad film can be an interesting failure if there's something to talk about. Fortunately, although I have mixed and most indifferently feelings about Watchmen the movie, there's no shortage of issues to discuss. Watchmen, for all its strengths and weakness, isn't disposable not worth examining. Of course, that may owe more to Alan Moore's flawed masterpiece than Zack Snyder, but nonetheless, there is a good discussion to be had. And the first question is:

Why Bother Watching the Watchmen When You Can Read?


foleydog said...

For just a moment, I thought of lifting my general moratorium on movies and going to the big screen this weekend. And this may have been a choice had the ads actually indicated the gist of the story line. But at a whopping 2+ hours, I couldn't consider it. But I'm maybe the wrong movie consumer, because I always think the book is better.

Frederik Sisa said...

I think it's possible for books and films to co-exist in their own realms, so to speak. The Harry Potter films are an example. But Watchmen isn't particularly suited to a film format. Considering that the vast majority of the book consists of exposition and "origin stories," culminating with a brief but dramatic confrontation, it's not really a surprise that the ads couldn't really convey what the film is about. The plot is actually very thin, despite all the ideas Moore plays with. I can't imagine how tedious it would be to go through the extended edition in which the comic-within-a-comic has been spliced in.