TFPO column, and a book review at Morbid Outlook

Cell phones carriers. Cable companies. The real Axis of Evil. This week's column:

In Search of an Honest Cell Phone Plan

And over at Morbid Outlook, my review of "Stingy Jack," a self-published book by R. Scott Taylor.

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Nick said...

Well after reading your article I'm left with a summation that mobile phone companies in the US are just as crap as they are here. The exception being of course is that we probably pay more for our services because we like to be overcharged for everything here in Australia. I agree with the cable television thing too. We have it as well and suffer the same problems. So many channels we don't want and somee we do and get charged ridiculous amounts of money for nothing. Exploitation is an understatement with providers it seems. They seem to get all the pluses and we get all the negatives. Locked in contracts or pay large sums to get out. Etc.. Then there's customer servicing, I mean service...