TFPO column: frederik's guide to giving good stimulus (part 2)

Without fanfare, here's part 2 of the column I started last week:

Frédérik's Guide to Giving Good Stimulus (Part 2)

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Nick said...

I find it rather amusing how similar the tactics are between your conservative government and the government in Australia seems to be. They must be talking to each other, let's hope that they are wrong.

Going with the change of the economy I couldn't agree more. Here is Australia is a prime example of how outside investment has increased the cost of housing here in Australia. There are places along the coast where people live where they can't affored to buy a house, rent a place and in some cases even shop properly due to the so called "value" of the area. Most of these people are being forced out the area simply by affordablity. (if you owned a home your one of the lucky ones) This seems completely wrong to me. These small townships (villages) have very little in the way of jobs and infrastructure. The strain of creating these seaside areas for the rich and holiday makers is not only environmently unfriendly, it is simply unfrienldy. So by all means, lets change things. I'm all for it.