new film review: milk

With so many movies released throughout the holiday season - there's the problem right there - I'm not quite on the curve of new releases. But that's par for the course, and will correct itself in the next few weeks. In the meantime, this week's review is of "Milk," a film that's been buzzing around lately with good reason.
Sean Penn is the first to be showered with accolades for his work in “Milk”, and understandably so. He dissolves effortlessly into his role as Harvey Milk, the real-life gay rights activist and San Francisco City Supervisor who was tragically assassinated in 1978, without a residual “Penn-ness” to give away the role as a performance. But it would be unfair to single Penn out when there so many other cast members who deliver similarly un-self-conscious performances of equal strength and emotional power.
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