new column: is war politics by other means?

The title is slightly misleading, in the sense that the question is actually the point of this week's column rather than the topic per se, which is actually Israel's horrific, outrageous military assault on Gaza. While I didn't single anyone out for rebuttal, the column is a counter-balance to other op-ed pieces that have been appearing in The Front Page in support of Israel's offensive in particular and the use of war in general. The whole thing leaves me feeling drained.

As is the case with just about anything I write on Israel, I begin the column with:
After a self-imposed partial news brownout – an attempt to regain some sanity after suffering post-election information withdrawal – Israel’s assault on Gaza inevitably made it through my anti-despair filters. And the more I learn, the more it’s clearly the same folly repeated over and over again.
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