new film review: tell no one

There are some films for which the fun of discussion can only really be achieved between people who have seen the movie. For everyone else, there is the risk that a film review becomes a spoiler or a hype generator. Hence, the film criticism "law" I oh-so-humbly named after myself for lack of something more clever.

Tell No One
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As an addendum to the review, however, I did want to point out another reason why it's sometimes rather difficult to write reviews of films that are hugely entertaining and of top-notch quality. If you consider The Dark Knight or Wall*E, there are allegorical/moral/philosophical implications that arise from the plot and characters. In other words, the story isn't only about what it's about, it's also about something more. Other films, however, are very straightforward, driven by plot and enriched by visceral characterizations. This doesn't count against the film, but it does mean that there is no grand artistic interpretation , no grander vision, to provide something to talk about in depth.

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