Calling All Californians! Always Choose Love...and Help Defeat Prop 8!

Dear Friends:

Gay marriage is legal in California thanks to a recent California Supreme Court ruling.

But it might not be for long.

The Forces of Intolerance have gathered to place a measure on the November ballotProposition 8. Their goal: deny gays and lesbians the right to marry the person they love. Their method: amend California’s constitution to define marriage as being solely the union between a man and a woman.

This will not do. Discrimination simply has no place in California.

If you’re like me, though, you don’t have money trees growing in the backyard or 28 hours in your day. So what can we do other than fundraise? What can we do to get INVOLVED given our busy lives? Answer: the Always Choose Love Initiative.

It’s simple, really. Call it wearable activism:

  1. Buy a t-shirt at cafepress.com/loveinitiative
  2. Wear the t-shirt
  3. Tell others
  4. Stay informed at loveinitiative.blogspot.com

No complicated mass protests, no fundraisers; just people wearing t-shirts, creating awareness about a critical civil rights issue – and defeating Prop 8 on November 2nd. When you go to cafepress.com/loveinitiative, you’ll find a choice of t-shirts at prices ranging from $9 to $20 featuring the Always Choose Love logo. No profit is being made here; this is a grassroots labor of love all the way. Just pick your favorite style and you’re set!

So please join me in campaigning against Prop 8. Buy a t-shirt. Wear it. Tell others. That’s all there is to it. Let’s make the Always Choose Love Initiative a phenomenon to be reckoned with.

Because in the end, the choice is simple: Love or Prop 8. Together, standing strong, we’ll send a message to California: Always Choose Love.

Thanks for your help and support. We can do it!

Frédérik Sisa


Anonymous said...

Folks --

From someone living in Virginia -- a state that 2 years ago passed a state constitutional amendment to "uphold family values" or some such bullshit -- this is no joke. The ramifications are complex and far reaching.

Raise hell. Yell. Scream. Jump up and down, and explain to people that such legislation is bad for EVERYONE.

Laws that curtail the freedoms of citizens are BAD LAWS.

Good luck, California. For the love of whatever is holy, make the rest of us look bad. Please.


Frederik Sisa said...

Jaeger: From your mouth to California's ears, buddy.

chino blanco: Thanks for the heads up. It never ceases to amaze me how people area able to work against their own interests...then again, cognitive dissonance is an art form with the likes of Huckabee.