going veggie is good for the planet

I've been meaning to write a blog post on vegan issues, but until I actually get around to it, this article offers some interesting food for thought:

Going veggie can slash your carbon footprint: study

So there are really three reasons why it's good to go vegetarian/vegan:
  1. Good for our health.
  2. Good for animal well-being.
  3. Good for the planet.
Of course, some qualification is necessary...but that will have to wait until I get around to writing that blog post.


Nick said...

Frederik are you turning vegetarian? :O
Being a demi-veg myself I can appreciate the post and know about a lot of the reasons for going veggie. Well to help in your efforts I thought I would give you a link to a good site.


I also thought you might find this intereting:


Though not vegetarian, I like the concept.


Frederik Sisa said...

Melisa and I have been pragmatically vegan since the beginning of the year, more or less. Of course, what "pragmatically vegan" means is the blog post I keep meaning to write.

Those are cool sites. Thanks for sharing. I like the idea of eating local. In fact, we make an effort to get our produce from local farmers or, at the least, California farmers whenever possible. With this globalized economy, though, it's not easy to keep it local.