no place on earth like joshua tree national park

Standing in Joshua Tree

hand at the canteen,
squinting the distance.
forests spread in shimmer.
supplicants among bubbling
sculptures, botanic
in their mystery,
vast with the patience
of geology. cryptic
messengers with media,
an atmosphere of bone.

creatures of earth 
and nooks. parched
yet vegetating 
ground. muses sprout 
here too, spirits 
dense with time;
skeletal and bountiful.
the illusion of desolation
hides the raw
materials of meaning.

Images from a lovely Memorial Day weekend trip to Joshua Tree National Park:

Welcome to Spin and Margies
Welcome to Spin and Margie's, our home away from home.

Joshua Tree Impressionistic Night
Impressionistic desert night.
Roadside Joshua Trees
Roadside Joshua trees.

Ryan Ranch Homestead Bighorn Sheep 2
Bighorn sheep! A rare and special encounter!

Ryan Ranch Homestead Ruins Vista
Vista with ruins from the Ryan homestead.

Desert Queen Mine Rock Formation (corr)
Desert Queen Mine - note the mineshaft at the bottom right.

Pine City Monzogranite
Pine City monzogranite rock formation.

Wall Street Mill Building Remnants 3
The abandoned Wall Street Mill.

Wall Street Mill Car Remnants 3
Ruined car at the Wall Street Mill.

For more images, click ye here.

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