news from around the world: week of october 14, 2011

A light reading list for this lovely Friday. Stay tuned for a book review and, next week, one or two quick film/TV reviews.


As a pithy slogan in Alice: Madness Returns points out, "If the living can be spoken ill of, why not the dead?" While I would prefer it to be otherwise, I remain convinced that, with a few exceptions, Apple has been a destructive influence on the world.

Maybe the Republican leadership could petition to leave the human race, since clearly doing something for the good of all goes against their principles?

It's a proven fact that if you deny facts hard enough, the very fabric of reality will warp into Care-a-lot, land of the Care Bears. Of course, it's really the goateed mirror-universe version in which the Don't Care Bears, led by Dollar Bear, attempt to sell their land of Pay-a-Lot to a villainous lot of impoverished peasants.

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