The Malgrave Incident: A Video Game for People Who Don’t Play Video Games: THE FRONT PAGE ONLINE

A first - reviewing a video game. While I'm not overly crazy with how this turned out, I expect my review of Alice: Madness Returns will be much more interesting even if you don't play video games.

Building on their expertise with casual games delivered through the internet, Big Fish Games’ first foray into development for the Nintendo Wii console is a successful example of video games not named Angry Birds attracting an audience beyond a niche demographic. Of course, to the hardcore button-mashing pixel slayer, a hidden object puzzler like Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident might be as appealing as a bowl of oatmeal cooling on the kitchen counter; that’s certainly the sour view over at IGN Games. But for the rest of us casual gamers – or anyone looking for respite from pounding game controllers and thick instruction manuals – the leisurely gameplay offers the right balance of challenge, reward, and accessibility.

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