Fired Up! Two Books Expose Lies About the Economy : THE FRONT PAGE ONLINE

It's hard not to think of economics without first thinking of Robert Nadeau pointing to the vast edifice of so-called economic science and crying out, “Emperor! Naked!” Even today it seems as if that most mysterious of mysteries — cloaked as it is by an impressive dictionary of word
s like collaterized debt obligations, capital gains tax and hedge funds — offers little improvement over past economists’ strategy of substituting economic variables in equations repurposed from obsolete theories of physics. But if the foggy science itself is bewildering, what are we to make of it when seen through the distorting lenses of politics and the media? Throw in ideology, reduced to the eternal and immature struggle between conservatives and liberals, and the result is a bloody nose for spectators.

Read the rest of this review of Paul Christopherson's Pants on Fire: Cutting Through the Lies of Twenty-First Century American Plutocracy and Joshua Holland's The 15 Biggest Lies About the Economy, and Everything Else the Right Doesn't Want You to Know about Jobs, Taxes, and Corporate America right here:

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