general update and new TFPO column

My apologies for the inconsistent updates, but life has been on the wee bit erratic side. The Ladder will continue with a new installment next week, and since this week's column didn't post on time I was delayed in linking to it here. Without any further delay, I give you...

Not Another Obama Column

Tomorrow: a review of Where the Wild Things Are.


Nick said...

Ah you're getting slack now. Each week I wait in anticipation of your next installment of the Ladder and it keeps getting missed! Now I'm disappointed... :(

Frederik Sisa said...

Sorry to disappoint. Sometimes other things interfere. Plus as much as I am relaxing the standards a bit, I also want to make sure each installment does move the story and characters forward somehow instead of just being filler.

I'll have sometime next Wednesday. Promise. :)