TFPO column: playing with the budget...and getting burned

There's no winning when it comes to the California budget, especially when we remain so confused about the status of the "public" in our political ideologies. Find out for yourself with some cool, but disturbing, budget balancing tools.

Playing with the Budget...and Getting Burned

What do you think California's Powers That Be should do about the budget? What choices did you make in regards to California's budget? I'd love it if you sounded off in the comments directly below.


foleydog said...

I abhor tax increases for 'high income' earners. Why do people always want to stick to those *earning* money. Stick to John Kerry and other rich folks living off investment income. Trust me, there isn't much surplus money at that income level.

I want more corporate tax options and to end Prop. 13 for businesses. New businesses can't compete. They're not even on the same playing field when it comes to property taxes and property purchases.

Admittedly, I couldn't balance it, but that what those other folks are paid for, right?

Frederik Sisa said...

I don't share your squeamishness about taxing the rich - then again, I think you and I would disagree on what constitutes "earning" money.

Having said that, I agree about the corporate tax options and ending Prop. 13 for business. Alas, it's not enough to balance the budget. Either everyone makes sacrifices or we punish a particular group especially hard.

I think when it comes to the Powers That Be, voters get what they vote for.

Nick said...

I'll comment for the sake of commenting. I know nothing of the tax system in the US but I constantly hear how much Amercians hate taxes. (something to do with some silly tea party that happened over a long time ago) My point of view is: depends on what you consider 'worthy' of tax money. Do you constantly look to the past and complain that you never got benefits out of new tax schemes or maybe someone in your family didn't or do you look at the future and realise that maybe changing your metality would benefit others and yourself? Where do you feel budget and tax dollars should go? I have my opinions but they probably don't agree with the typical "American" thinking. It's a step into the uncomfortable for most. I'm probably a bit too socialist.