the new ink and ashes is go!

It’s sad, of course. Ink and Ashes Films Reviews has served me well over the years. And the Art of Ceremony never really got the push it deserved. However, there comes a time when choices have to be made to serve a greater purpose. Thus, artofceremony.com dies in its sleep, and inkandashes.net as a film review website distinct and separate from The Front Page Online comes to an end. By trimming away the excess, I aim to avoid unproductive detours and duplication of efforts. My efforts now turn towards an upcoming TFPO re-design and re-launch, an exciting process that includes the sparkly new fashion blog The Fashionoclast.

So it’s not all gloom. When I first conjured the expression “ink and ashes” nine years ago, I intended it to serve as an umbrella for my writing endeavours, both non-fiction and fiction. Now it can, as I confine “The Recreational Nihilist” to my TFPO column and re-brand this blog as part of an effort to streamline and focus my work. The change is largely one of branding; my contributions to TFPO, Morbid Outlook, and now The Fashionoclast will continue – full steam ahead! As before, I will use this blog as a means of keeping readers up-to-date with my writing endeavours, as well as personal forum for a variety of topics that I hope will be fun and interesting for readers.

Welcome to the new inkandashes.net! Let me know what you think – comments directly below.

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