film review: star trek

The new Star Trek movie has finally been released, to much critical and audience acclaim. But I beg to differ, much as I wish it were otherwise: it's a mediocre action movie dressed up in, admittedly, the finest Starfleet uniform.

Star Trek: Boldly Avoiding Strange New Worlds


Nick said...

I haven't seen anything to do with Star Trek since Insurection and I totally agree with you in regards to the bloat factor that has developed in the Star Trek franchise. I wasn't really planning on seeing the movie and now I'm really not interested. If they're not going to do things right I rather not bother. I'm getting a little tired of movies being nothing more than action flicks where they can be so much more.

Where did all the good story telling go? They had an opportunity here and stuffed it. I guess they listen too much to statistics that say young people have an attention span of 5 minutes and can't seem to grasp anything more than shoot the bad guy? They should give their targetted audience some credit.

Frederik Sisa said...