new column and new book review

The various posts and comments over at Tim Lambert's excellent science blog, Deltoid, show just how dedicated global warming skeptics are at "debunking" the science underlying climate change. But where Lambert's foes tend to fight on the battlefield of statistics and nitty-gritty details often beyond lay persons, the trend in general forums has to been to focus less on scientific minutiae and more on big picture attacks . Hence, Al Gore and the environmental movement are accused of fraud. But what is the motivation underlying this hostile skepticism? That's the question I ask in this week TFPO column:

Letter to Global Warming Skeptics

And over at Morbid Outlook, my review of the graphic novel The Nightmare Factory - an adaptation of Thomas Ligotti's work written and illustrated by different folk - has posted. Note to self: write future blog post singing the praises of Mike Mignola and Hellboy.

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