news from around the world: november 4, 2011

Lots o' links this week:

An astonishing transformation!

The Superintendent is inspiring. People commenting on the posts are, as is usual for any comment stream for news articles, a reminder of how depressing humanity is.

Strip away Brooks' ideological posturing and glib categorizationg of "Blue" and "Red" inequality, and you're left with the conclusion that inequality in America stems from a constellation of factors, both economic and social. But isn't that obvious?

Now that we've settled that, can we talk about solutions?

...proving yet again that the Israeli government led by Netanyahu is not even remotely serious about peace.

Remember, folks, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Let's see...Warren Buffett, Bill Gates...the very richest don't seem to mind paying more. Check out the funny video with Bill Nighy.

In other news, the world is stunned by the Vatican's continued failure to confront the child abuse within its organization.

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