TFPO column: CAPS' peaceful protest at Bark Works reminds us to adopt from shelters

I enjoy the colourful lights and sparkling decorations, even the Christmas carols when they’re not looped on the stereo system while the tofurky is still warm on the table. But to be honest, I don’t care for Christmas. To some extent, it’s because I have no personal interest in the birth of Jesus. Mostly, Christmas always strikes me as the most inauthentic time of the year, stirring my idealism but ultimately reinforcing my cynicism. Instead of invoking the ghost of columns past, however, I’d rather focus on those elements of the Christmas spirit that we can and should all come together for regardless of our religious persuasion: compassion, peace, goodwill. And as I contemplate these most universal of values in light of the day’s mostly grim news, I also have to think about other areas in which we can take the opportunity to exercise compassion. Hence, this week's column about extending compassion towards animals...

CAPS' Peaceful Protest at Bark Works Reminds Us to Adopt From Shelters


Jinky said...

Thanks for the article aobut the puppy mill awareness drive at Barkworks in the Westside Pavilion. Really well written and informative!

Frederik Sisa said...

Thank you.

And it's a pleasure to spread the word. Keep up the good work!