TFPO column: what the fort hood shooting reveals about right-wing commentary...and us (part 1)

Beyond the fact that it is seemingly necessary to preface any mention of the Fort Hood shooting with the word "tragic" or some other similar adjectice - isn't it obvious that it's horrific and tragic? - what is often referred to as Islamaphobia seems to be seeping into the national dialogue. I'm not going to offer much by way of introduction to my dissection of media coverage of the shooting, however. I'll leave the conclusions and bigger-picture discussion for next week's column.

What the Fort Hood Shooting Reveals About Right-Wing Commentary…and Us (Part 1)


Nick said...

I'm not sure what you next stage in this discussion is but I tend to think Christopher Hitchens has a good point of view. As you've stated you did some basic research and it appears pretty straight forward to me but that's my opinion I guess. Here's Hitch's article: http://www.slate.com/id/2235760/pagenum/all

Without knowing much more than the basics it would appear that this guy shouldn't have been in the army and should have been discharged the minute there was any sign of what he was doing, which apparently they did. So there is a few issues with army protocol somewhere.

Frederik Sisa said...

That is a good article, and probably the most lucid perspective - a week after the shooting - that I've read. It does hint at what I'll be touching on next week, although I'm going after broader principles.