film review: fat stupid rabbit

This Russian film distributed by Echelon Studios - actually their distribution sibling Singa Entertainment - is a rare thing: a surprise. Going by the movie poster, it won Best Foreign Film at the Schweitzer Lakedance Film Festival and Best Screenplay at the International Festival of VGIK Moscow Russia. In trying to title my review, and failing dismally at coming up with a suitable pun, I went with "a Little-Known Russian Gem." What it lacks in panache it makes up for in accuracy. This is a wonderful little film, and the surprise is not simply how good it is but how persistently it lingers.

Entertainment: ** (out of two)
Craft: ** (out of two)
Gold star recommendation!

'Fat Stupid Rabbit' - A Little-Known Russian Gem


ralph said...

I watch a lot of Russian movies and speak the language pretty well for an american. This movie is a Russian Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead. It is a thing of rare beauty and actually optimism. My wife (Russian) and I have seen the movie three times in the last month and don't intend to return our copy to netflix. Every time we see it it leaves us in a wonderful mood.

Frederik Sisa said...

Thanks for your comment, Ralph. The film is indeed wonderful. However, might I suggest returning your copy to Netflix and contacting Singa Home Entertainment to see if you can buy your own copy? It seems to me that funneling some money the way of the people who made and distributed the film is a tangible way of expressing your support for quality independent productions like Fat Stupid Rabbit. And it gives other people a chance to discover the film through Netflix, which can only be good. Cheers!

Singa Home Entertainment: