TFPO column: what puppy mills and waterboarding say about us

Two brief comments about this week's column. First, I am aware that Obama didn't exactly follow through on his promise to get a shelter dog - his Portuguese water dog was a gift from Ted Kennedy (the American aristocracy, as Jessica G. put it). I didn't discuss it, not because I want to exempt the President from criticism, but because I'm keeping this sort of factoid for a future "State of the Presidency" column.

Second, the argument I set forth is not a new one. However, in light of recent news stories,it's well worth making the point again. It may even be worth repeating the point in the hopes that someday, somehow, it will actually sink in. Naturally, the larger point is that nothing is really changing from a cultural standpoint - and it has nothing to do with Obama. One can point to the failure of religion to foster progressive good in the world. One can also point to the failure of government and corporation. Whatever it is, the failure ultimately lies in us.

What Puppy Mills and Waterboarding Say About Us

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