Here We Go Again

My previous attempt at blogging (“The Unarmed Man,” for the two people who might remember it) ended with a whimper. The reason probably had something to do with the yawning indifference the world has towards yet another blog, but I suspect that writing about my take on pacifism – individualist pacifism – wasn’t exactly the pied piper’s tune. Perhaps it could have worked, but to provide any kind of intelligent discussion on situations like, say, the monk-led protests in Burma, requires a lot of research. Given that I have more to do in my life than blog, I simply could not do the topic the justice it needed to make the blog successful.

But here I am again in blog-land, ready to give it another go – only this time I’ve chosen a more manageable subject; my various writing endeavours (see “About Me”). Stories in progress, stories to be published, fiction, non-fiction, special articles; if I’m writing it, I’ll blog about it here. I might also blog about any other topic that catches my fancy, although I don’t plan to make this blog a navelgazapalooza.

About the title: “The Recreational Nihilist” is the name of my column for The Front Page Online. It’s also a philosophical joke that, for some reason, never ceases to amuse me. It came about during a discussion with a (former) co-worker in which, after complaining about how ineffective anti-war protests were, I mentioned how nihilistic it all made me feel. But since I wasn’t entirely devoid of hope, I could only claim to be a recreational nihilist. I’m sure it was funnier at the time. Still, there you have it.

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