Busting Paradigms (Among Other Things): A Conversation with Ellie Lumpesse - Introduction

Sex. Simultaneously our great obsession and our bête noir, it’s a topic that needs no introduction just as it never ceases to stimulate discussion, controversy, titillation, and scandal. But beyond the politics, which encompasses everything from wide stances in toilets to contraception, there is the culture of sex. Or, rather, sex in culture. Often reduced to the poles of anything-goes pornography vs all-but-clichéd Puritanism, sex is the great wilderness through which many wander and get lost. There’s much talk, of course, much nuance…and many questions. But are there answers?

I don’t remember, exactly, how I discovered Ellie Lumpesse in the wilderness of cyberspace, but I do know music had something to with it. Stumbling around in search of groovy new tunes, I happened upon her Bedroom Radio podcasts that promised music. Music, that is, and sex - sometimes at the same time, to my surprise. And interviews too that offer far more substance and insight than the fluff in mainstream magazines. It was reading Ellie’s fearless, frank, open, and fiercely intelligent blog, however, that motivated me to ask her for an interview. The resulting discussion on sexuality, culture and Ellie’s experiences with blogging at lumpesse.com, podcasting, and phone sex work, proved candid and insightful.

A mea culpa, however. I had originally intended to have the interview published at The Front Page Online. To my never-ending embarassment, however, I coasted on the great freedom I have in writing my column and made a bad assumption, thereby making quite the ass of myself. My editor, though having enjoyed the interview, felt it was too adult (too hot?) for a publication that aims for a broader age range, including youngsters. Not one to give up without at least pretending to fight, I tried to find another home for the interview, without success. I wasn’t able to establish any sort of contact, positive or negative, with an ezine that would have been an ideal publication for the interview. And as for other erotica-oriented ‘zines, those I found were dormant, defunct, unsuitable, or, most commonly, non-existent.

Over 8 months later, I’ve decided to just go ahead and post the interview on my blog under the principle that to get anything done, you sometimes have to do it yourself. As it is rather lengthy, I’ve broken the interview up into three parts:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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